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Circulating to Grand Forks ND and many surrounding towns throughout the Red River Valley with print.  Now with our digital publication is currently working with cpnet-works,  creating a town website for all the communities our news stands where available. 

Each community website can be used by the town if they so choose other wise we will maintain them and add unique content for each and every one.

Below are some of the links which we are currently working on so keep that in mind as you take a look around, remember to check back often as we will be adding and rearranging.  Thank you.

News Sites:

Delivering great content is what is all about, just like our print publications.

With that comes news and news headlines. Below are additional links to some of the news available on our network of headline news sites.  The content is also available on the home page of this website and the title links are updated hourly so you always have the latest news to hit that particular community or area .

Other News Regions:

Daily Deals:

Keeping in mind the popularity of our classified listings in print, we want to keep that same look and feel with our digital "shop" deals.  We are working hard to deliver the best deals locally and nationally in a way that is easy to use, unique and productive.  Currently our deals are from eBay and craigslist.  We are working on many more sources so please do keep checking back.

Whether you are a business or individual and would like to have your item(s) in our listings please contact us using our contact form on this website, thank you.

News Search Site:

If you are a news junky or simply like having many options at your fingertips we have a news search that will deliver content links from many sources, all in one place, you can search by keyword, popular, hot topic at this hour-day and more.  Check it out and happy searching.


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